ABBA – Waterloo/Honey Honey/So Long/Waterloo in German (East German TV) – (STEREO)

East Germany got a visit of ABBA.

In November 1974 also East Germany got a visit of ABBA.
ABBA went to the TV show called “Ein Kessel Buntes” (A kettle of entertainment).
Here they performed 4 songs – or 3½ songs to be more correct.

The songs performed were:
Honey Honey
So Long
Waterloo (German version and only a small part of it).

See Frida pick up a drumstick at the beginning of the first “Waterloo” and hand over to Benny.

After “Waterloo” ABBA hold up the words, “Wir kommen gleich wieder”, which means “We’ll come back soon”.

Watch all the songs here (the first 10 seconds the videotape was a little broken, but the rest is OK).
Credit to : ABBA

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