The Sympathizer Official Podcast | Episode 7 | HBO

The Sympathizer Official Podcast | Episode 7 |

Host Philip Nguyen wraps up the podcast with a jam packed episode. We’re taking it back to the beginning with Executive Producer Niv Fichman and author Viet Thanh Nguyen to talk about the origin story of bringing the book to the small screen. Then we have the three musketeers, Hoa Xuande, Duy Nguyen and Fred Nguyen Khan aka the Captain, Man, and Bon! We get to hear the behind the scenes of their real friendship and a deep dive into the broad spectrum of Vietnamese diasporic experiences. And then to wrap up our season, we have Hoa Xuande with Robert Downey Jr back to talk about how the final episode connects them – father and son. Stream The Sympathizer now, only on @StreamOnMax.

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