Travis Kelce Says He And Taylor Swift Can Deal With ‘Outside Noise’ As ‘Long As We’re Happy’

Hollywood News

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce want to stay in that lavender haze and shake off any outside noise. While answering questions from reporters during a Kansas City Chiefs press conference on Friday, the tight end answered questions about his rise to fame. He also responded to a reporter who asked if he’s talked to Taylor about all the commotion their love story has caused. “The only thing we’ve talked about is as long as we’re happy, we can’t listen to anything that’s outside noise. That’s all that matters,” he said. The 34-year-old NFL star also told reporters it’d be “silly” not to acknowledge the newfound level of interest in his life. “I think the Super Bowl helped that, and obviously how I live my off-field life, definitely helps out,” he said.

Credit Access Hollywood

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